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AEP 311 Agricultural Machine Drawing (2 Units)

Orthogonal projection: 1st angle and 3rd angle projection; sectional views of machine components. Isometric views and oblique view of Agricultural processing machines such as Dehuller, shellers, threshers, extractors etc.

AEP 312 Thermodynamics and Heat Engines (3 Units)

Heat transfer methods; conduction, convection and radiation, composite wall conduction, Fourier’s law of conduction, steam table and chart, work transfer, internal combustion engine, sankey’s chart, Polytropic process Engine cycles; Otto, Carnot engines and refrigeration.

AET 311 Land Clearing and Development (2 Units)

Land tenure practices and machines for land clearing Bulldozer, grader, rollers, ploughs and burners, Development of land for agricultural use – cuts and fills and cost analysis of Agricultural Land Development. Land policy and factors to be considered in selecting equipment for land clearing.

AET 312 Soil Mechanics (2 Units)

Clay mineralogy and its engineering properties, compressibility of clay, stress distribution, earth pressure on sheet piles, swelling and shrinkage, plasticity and cohesion, shear strength of soil, sheet piles.

AET 316 Theory of Structures (2 Units)

Definition of Structure and Analysis of Forces, Bending moment and shear force diagram, stress-strain analysis, Truss, deflection of beams, supports and analysis, equilibrium, columns etc.

GNS 301 Use of English I (2 Units)

Grammatical Rules; Parts of Speech, synonyms and anonyms, phrases, Comprehension and Summary, essay writing, Literacy appreciation and Registers.

MTH 311 Advance Algebra (2 Units)

Functions, Series, Principle of Mathematical union, Vector Analysis and Complex number, Hyperbolic functions, Matrices, Eigen vectors.

CPT 313 Agro-Climatology (2 Units)

Ecology and environment, ecological complex, edaphic factor, Rain gauge, effect of temperature on crop, humidity, light, sun reflection of light, light intensity and duration.

MEP 307 Welding and Fabrication (3 Units)

Metal joining process, equipment of gas welding and cutting, electric and welding of ferrous metal, weld fault, machines used in fabrication, soldering, hardening, tempering etc.

AEP 321 Tractor System Operation and Maintenance (3 Units)

Different tractor systems: Fuel system, Lubrication system, Hydraulic system, Electrical system, PTO Sources of power; Electric motor, Biogas Maintenance and types of maintenance, Routine Engine Maintenance.

AEP 323 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials (3 Units)

A practical study of the physical and mechanical properties of animal and plant products as related to their harvesting, processing, packaging and storage.

Stress-strain behavior, Newtonian an non-Newtonian deformation porosity, terminal velocity, coefficient of friction (60 hour lecture; 180 hours practical period).

AEP 324 Machine Design and Construction (2 Units)

Principles of design, stresses in mechanical elements; materials of construction and their characteristics, design of individual mechanical elements, farm machinery design considerations, construction techniques.

AET 314 Instrumentation (2 Units)

Definition of instrument and instrumentation, functional element of an instrument, time pressure and temperature measurement and equipment.Transducers, tachometer, measuring devices, stroboscope and gauges.

AET 315 Rural Electrification (2 Units)

Electric circuit drawing, electricity generation, transmission and distribution electric motors and generators, electric installation.

AGR 302 Field Experimentation and Data Analysis (3 Units)

Definition of Experiment and types of Experimental design: CRD, RCBD, Missing plot, ANOVA, Latin square Design (LSD), Block efficiency, factorial experiment, LSD test, DMRT, Coefficient of Variation, Correlation, chi-square.

GNS 302 English language and Communication (2 Units)

Correspondence, logical thinking, features of report writing, registers in communication.

MTH 312 Advanced Calculus (2 Units)

Laplace transformation, first order, first degree differential equation, second order differential equation, partial differentiation equation and Fourier series.

MTH 313 Statistical Methods in Engineering

Binomial Distribution, Pascal’s triangle, Hyper-Geometric Distribution variance, Poisson’s Distribution, Probability Models, Bernoulli’s Distribution, Normal Distribution, Student “t” test, Regression Analysis of Variance.


AGR 401 Research Methods (2 Units)

Definition of Research: Steps in planning good research, types of research, Hypothesis, variables, Methods of data collection; Personal interview, observation, questionnaire, results of experiments, sampling and sampling techniques, Research Designs.

AEP 433 Crop Processing and Handling (3 Units)

Shelling and decorticating equipment, size reduction, mixing equipment sorting, cleaning and grading, oil extraction process. Crop handling equipment: elevator and conveyors fans; axial and centrifugal fans.

AES 413 Irrigation Technology (3 Units)

The role of irrigation in the world agriculture, irrigation in Nigeria, Irrigation principles, surface, sprinkler, drip irrigation systems, Dams; hydrologic design of small dam, irrigation scheduling, land preparation and forming for irrigation.

APT 311 Livestock Farm Mechanization (3 Units)

Machine and equipment used in poultry, diary, piggery, sheep and goat, rabbitry, cattle farms. Designof buildings taking into consideration the temperature and comfort zone (180 hour of practical).

AEP 432 Farm Workshop Organization and Management (2 Units)

Full practical course on planning, installation and management of agricultural workshops.Classification of workshop tools and equipment, foundations, organization and maintenance, local purchase order, inventory specifications.

MTH 321 Numerical Methods (2 Units)

Linear and non linear equation, interpolation, numerical, differentiation and integration, ordinary differential equation. Taylor’s series, Newton Repulsion iteration methods, trapezoidal rule Gauss-seudeliteration technique.

AEP 431 Crop Protection and Harvesting Machinery (3 Units)

Spraying Equipment: Calibration of spraying equipment and its maintenance. Forage processing method Forage Harvester, Combine harvesters, root-crop harvesters. Fruit and vegetable harvester, Moving machines.

COM 311 Computer Programming (3 Units)

Fundamental unit of computer system and operations, the use of flow chart in programming, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN and other high level languages, Numbering system, computer virus and remedy Application like work processing excel etc.

AEM 314 Extension Methods (3 Units)

Definition of extension communication and types of communication process of communication and adult education. Group dynamics, types of group, group techniques, teaching method, criteria for selecting extension methods, leadership.

AEP 426 Rural Sociology (2 Units)

Definition of sociology, origin of rural sociology, features of a rural community, role of rural women. African traditional family, types of family, extended family system, forms of family and kinship. Marriage: marriage types and forms of marriage.

AEP 441 Farm Power (3 Units)

Power transmission devices on farm tractor, tractor drive mechanism, stability of tractor testing, hydraulic transmission, component of hydraulic system.Diagnosis and testing of hydraulic system. Elements of transmission in farm, implement power requirement. Power requirement of farm machineries, implement field capacity, cost of machine use machines selection and uses of farm machinery.

AEP 443 Crop Drying and Storage (3 Units)

Definition of drying, Heat and mass transfer, psychometric charts crop drying system, physiological changes in stored product.Prst control method storage system and operation. Thin layer and deep bed drying, constant and falling rate of drying equilibrium moisture content.

AES 432 Drainage Technology (2 Units)

Definition and benefits of drainage, sub-surface drainage for irrigated land. Darcy’s law, chezy-mannings equation, indications for poor drainage, site survey, design of ditches, bank protection, under drainage design.

AGR 402 Agricultural Personnel Management (2 Units)

Definition of management, industrial organization, types of organizational system. Element of organization, communication fidelity6work group.Management levels; contract of employment.

FMX 311 Agricultural Economics (2 Units)

Meaning and scope of Economics, Demand and supply, consumer behaviors theory, Production, Market structure, Money and Banking, Inflation, International trade and balance of payment, Economic Growth.

GNS 304 Citizenship Education (2 Units)

Definition of citizenship education, citizen and citizenship, Nigerian constitution about citizenship, duties of Nigerian Citizens, rights of citizens and constitution, The rule of law, equality and natural ethics.

AEP 444 Seminar (1 Unit)

The post-data oral presentation and examination of the final year practical project assigned to individual students.

AEP 445 Project (6 Units)

Final year experimental/practical project assigned to individual student under the supervision of member(s) of staff. The project report must be submitted and an oral examination must be conducted.

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