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Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria.





AET 111 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering (2 Units)

Definition of Agricultural Engineering. Inter-relationship between Agricultural Engineering and other Engineering fields. Branches of Agricultural Engineering and their application. Job opportunities in Agricultural Engineering. The role of Agricultural Engineering in the development of Nigeria

AET 121 Farm Construction Technology and Practice (2 Units)

Repairs and maintenance of Farm buildings and structures.Concrete and Plumbing work.Wood working and preservation techniques.Full practical course in technology of farm construction. (180 hours of practical and 60 hours of lecture).

AET 122 Basic Soil Science (2 Units)

Definition of soil, phase of soil, types of rock, soil weathering and soil profile, climate, soil texture, sil structure, types of soil, soil triangle, soil-plant nutrient, organic matters etc.

AGR 101 Introduction to Agriculture (3 Units)

Definition of Agriculture, branches of Agriculture and Farming system. Cropping system: Intercropping, sole-cropping, shifting cultivation, Crop ecological zones in Nigeria, Erosion control, Animal production, forestry and wildlife, fisheries etc.

AGT 111 Principles of Crop Production (2 Units)

Cropping systems, Annual, Perennial, Biennial crops, Crop plant ecology, Crop rotation, Thinning, Intercropping, Weeds and Weed Control, Crop protection

AGT 112 Elements of Agricultural Economics (1 Unit)

Definition of Economics, Problem of Economics, Demand and Supply, Determination of Market Price, Market and its types, Farm Records, Production Functions, Inflation and Deflation.

AGT 124 Rural Sociology (2 Units)

Definition of Rural Sociology, sociological concepts, socialization and Agents of Socialization, Family and Forms of Marriage, Social Group and Types of Culture.

COM 211 Introduction to Computer (2 Units)

Definition of computer and computer system. Hardware and software, introduction to programming language such as, Basic, Disk operating system, system software and application software, keyboard, monitor, central processing units etc.

EEC 101 Electrical Engineering Science (2 Units)

Electric current floe, conductor and insulator, electromotive force, ohms laws, resistivity and conductivity of a conductor, sense and parallel connections, Kirchhoff’s law, electrostatics, Coulomb’s’ law, capacitors and arrangement. Cell and connections.Permittivity and Electric flux density.

MEC 103 Engineering Mechanics (3 Units)

Scalar and vector quantities, forces and moments, equilibrium and friction linear motion of bodies, Work, energy and power, simple machines, simple harmonic motion frame and structure.

MEC 104 Thermodynamics (2 Units)

Definition of Heat and Energy. Thermometric properties, Fourier law, Thermodynamic, temperature, Zeroth law, heat transfer forced convection, work transfer, laws of thermodynamics, adiabatic process.

MEC 105 Basic Workshop Practice (2 Units)

Safety in use of workshop hand tools, measuring and marking-out instruments, drilling machine, lathe machine, shaping machine, milling machine, grinding machine, cutting tools, soldering, brazing and welding.

MEC 201 Engineering Drawing (2 Units)

Lines: Types of lines in use in engineering drawing, lettering.

Loci: Construction of conic section 2, eclipse, hyperbola, parabola, Isometric and orthogonal drawings of shapes and blocks.

MEC 205 Strength of Materials (3 Units)

Equilibrium, stress-strain relationship, Hooke’s law, sheer force and bending moment in beams, Torsion of circular members stress and strain transformation equations.

MEC 206 Properties of Engineering Material (2 Units)

Engineering materials, crystal structure of materials. Phase transformation, metal solidification, structure of non-metallic materials, and extraction of metals from ores ferrous and ferrous metals heat treatment.

MTH 111 Logic and Linear Algebra (2 Units)

Definition of logic and analysis involving truth table.Reasoning and argumentation, premises and conclusion.Symbols for disjunction, Negation, conditional and implicational statements, Permutation and Combination, Stirring formula, Probability, Binomial distribution, Matrices and Determinants.

MTH 112 Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry (3 Units)

Indices and theory of Logarithms, Number base, (Graphical methods) Quadratic equation, set theory, AP and GP Trigonometrical functions, Geometrical series.

MTH 122 Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry (2 Units)

Trigonometrical Ratios, Sine and Cosine Rules, Elevation and Repulsion, Bearing & Distances, Deviation of half angle formula for sine, cosine & tangents, Inverse function conics, Hyperbola.

GNS 101 Use of English I (2 Units)

Definition of language, functions and characteristics of language, Grammar and Parts of Speech, Sentence and Clause, idioms and Punctuations, Essay Writing, Summary, Literature in English, Drama and Prose etc.

GNS 103 Physical and Health Education (2 Units)

Introduction to physical & health Education, Concepts in Health and Physical Education, Components of Physical Education, Health Education, Common diseases caused by organisms, Balanced Diet, Morphology, Emotional Reaction, Hardball, Soccer, Athletics, Table tennis, Volley Ball, First Aid and Safety Education.

GNS 202 Communication in English II (2 Units)

Correspondence; Business letter and informal letter, Logical thinking, registers in communication, report writing, feature writing.

STA 111 Introduction to Statistics (2 Units)

Definition of Experiment, Replication, Randomization, Population treatment, etc. Techniques for data collection: observation, interview, questionnaire, report, charts, graph, measures of central tendency, mean, median mode, geometric mean, measure of dispersion, variance.

TSL 101 Basic Principles of Land Surveying (3 Units)

Definition of Surveying and various types of survey.Accuracy and precision, chaining, pacing and leveling operation.Errors and mistakes, measurements, field practical work.


AET 211 Farm Electrification (2 Units)

Effect of current, Faraday’s law of electrochemicalequivalent, Electromagnetic equation, Basic AC theory, Uses of Electricity on Farm, Electric motor, Electric Installation, Installation of protective devices.

AET 212 Tractor Operation and Maintenance (2 Units)

Tractor part, Routine checks, Tractor driving, use of PTO Road Traffic Laws, Implement Coupling, Full practical course that exalts driving and routine checks.

AET 213 Farm Power (2 Units)

Sources of farm power, development of farm tractor, modern trends in farm tractor design, internal combustion engines, classification of engines, cylinders, fuel used, cycle, valve arrangement, Electrical system, fuel system, cooling system.

AET 223 Soil and Water Conservation (2 Units)

Definition of Soil and Water conservation, Erosion and Erosion Control, Universal Soil loss equation, soil conservation practices, Irrigation and drainage practices. Hydrologic cycle, soil moisture regime.

AET 221 Irrigation and Drainage (2 Units)

Definition of Irrigation, methods of irrigation such as surface irrigation, basin, border, corrugation, furrow irrigation, sprinkler and fumigation, subsurface irrigation, irrigation efficiencies and drainage.

AET 222 Farm Mechanization and Machinery (3 Units)

Objectives of mechanization, Farm operation, soil tillage, planting operation, crop protection equipment, fertilizer application, crop harvesting equipment.

AET 224 Farm Structures (2 Units)

Construction of walls, columns, beams, floors, roofs, foundation and foundation footings.Preparation and organization of farm building sites.Farm buildings and structures.

AET 225 Crop Processing and Storage (2 Units)

Properties of Biological materials, Platform scale, porosity, cleaning, sorting and grading. Washing and screening methods sorting equipment material handling and equipment storage methods: cribs, silo, rhombus etc.

TSL 102 Basic Principles of Land Surveying II (3 Units)

Equipment for measurement, measuring distance by stadia, The level, leveling, Differential leveling, Bearing and distance. Fixed work with calculation.

AGT 212 Agro-Climatology (1 Unit)

Ecology: ecosystem, Biotic and Abiotic factors, Edaphic factors of environment, Soil chemical characteristics, Organic matter, Light intensity and duration, solar radiation, hydrologic cycle.

MTH 211 Calculus (2 Units)

Limits, Differential calculus, first principle differentiation, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, composite and implicit function, integral calculus, definite and indefinite integral, partial differentiation applications.

ANT 201 Animal Traction (3 Units)

Definition of Animal traction. Types of drought animals: horse, ox, dromedary, donkey and others. Physiological characteristics of animal power. Animal powered vehicles for transplantation. Ploughing animal, load carrying animals, Equipment used for animal traction.

GNS 201 Use of English II ( 2 Units)

Letter writing: Formal and informal letters, Report writing, types of reports, Grammatical Rules, Essay writing, Denotation and Connotation, Comprehension & Summary Passages.

MEC 207 Fluid Mechanics (2 Units)

Definition of fluid mechanics, fluid properties, pressures in fluid, Hydrostatic pressure on surfaces, Buoyancy of Floating bodies, fluid dynamics, turbulent laminar and Viscous flow, Bernoulli’s theorem

AGT 229 Farm Management (1 Unit)

Definition of farm management, tools of farm management valuation and depreciation, problems of farm management, production function, single variable input function, stages of production, Budgeting.

AGT 230 Agricultural Extension (2 Units)

Definition of Extension, History of Agricultural Extension in the world, Africa and Nigeria.Objectives of extension, Role of Communication in extension; audio-visuals, exhibition, stage of adoption process leadership role of leaders.

AGT 231 Statistics and Field Experimentation (2 Units)

Definition of Statistics and Experiment, Variable, Measures of central tendency, measure of dispersion, deviation, Experimental designs, CRD, RCBD, Regression and correlation analysis, linear correlation.

CEC 210 Soil Mechanics (2 Units)

Soil description and classification, Atterberg limits, plastic limit, shrinkage limit, plasticity index limit, flow net, classes of clay, degree of saturation, specific gravity (practices).

AET 227 Project (6 Units)

Final year practical project assigned to each student under the supervision of member(s) of staff.

The project report must be submitted and an oral examination must be conducted.

Engr. Dr. A.O.D Adejumo

Head of Department