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Profile of OLUWATOYINBO, Foluke Iyabo

Profile of OLUWATOYINBO, Foluke Iyabo (Director, College Consultancy)


B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc (Ibadan), PhD (Ife)

Areas of Specialisation:: Soil Science



Phone Number :: +234-08033249242

Email Address ::,



1) Publications and Research works with dates:

a. Theses/Dissertation:

1. Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution: The reaction of Dinitrophenyl Sulphide with Piperidine in Dimethyl Formamide. (B.Sc. Project, June, 1977).

2. The status of Chemistry Teaching in some selected Secondary Schools in Ibadan. Postgraduate Dip. Education Project, June, 1982.

3. Evaluation of Different Methods of Determining Lime Requirement in Tropical Acid soils. (M.Sc. Thesis. October 1985).

4. Lime Requirement of Typical Acid Soils of Nigeria. (PhD. Thesis. 1997)

b. Published Articles:

1. Oguntoyinbo F. I. (1980) Maintaining soil fertility for improved crop production Women Agriculturists & Home Scientists (AWAHE) Farm and Home News 1( I): 1-5.

2. Oguntoyinbo F.I;Aduayi E.A and R.A Sobulo (1995).Effect of overliming on grain yield and tissue composition of maize (Zeamays.L) in Nigeria. African Soils (Special Edition) 28:411-414.

3. Oguntoyinbo F. I;Aduayi E. A. and R. A. Sobulo (1996). Effect of lime on yield and nutrient uptake of maize grown on two. Nigerian acid soils. NAFCON field Notes. 10 (4): 3 – 4.

4. Oguntoyinbo F. I., Aduayi E. A. and R. A. Sobulo (1996). Effectiveness of some local Liming Materials in Nigeria as ameliorants of soil acidity. Jour. Plant Nutrition.19 (7): 999-1016.

5. Adediran J. A., Oguntoyinbo F. I., and R. A. Sobulo (1998). Evaluation of Phosphate availability from three Phosphorus sources in Nigerian Soils. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 29(17 and 18): 2659 – 2674.

6. Akande M. O., Oguntoyinbo F. I., and J. A. Adediran. (2000). The potential agronomic value of calcium in Sokoto Rock phosphate from Northern Nigeria. Nig. J. of Pure and Applied Science. 15:1024 – 1030.

7. Makinde, E. A; Agboola, A. A.; Oluwatoyinbo, F. I; and B. S. Alabi, (2000). Relaying Soybean into Cassava/Maize/Melon mixture under different fertilizer types: Effects on Cassava Growth and Yield. Bull. Science. Assoc. of Nigeria. 23: 33 – 38).

8. Makinde E.A; Agboola A.A and F.I. Oluwatoyinbo (2001).The effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth and yield of maize in a maize/melon intercrop. Moor J. Agric. Res. 2:15-20.

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12. Akande M.O; Oluwatoyinbo F. I; Adediran J.A; Buari K.W and I.O Yusuf (2003). Soil Ammendments affect the release of P from Rock Phosphates and development and yield of Okra. Jour. of Vegetable Crop Production. 9(2):3-9.

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15. Oluwatoyinbo F. I; Akande M.O and J.A Adediran (2005). Response of Okra (Abelmochusesculentus) to Lime and Phophorus fertilization in an acid soil. World Jour. of Agric Science 1(12):178-183

16. Akande M.O; Oluwatoyinbo F. I; Kayode C.O and F.A. Olowookere (2006).Response of Maize (Zea mays L.) and Okra (Abelmoschusesculentus) intercrop relayed with Cowpea (Vignaunguiculata) to different levels of cow dung amended phosphate rock. World Jour. of Agric.Sci.2(1):119-122.

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Dr. Mrs F.I. Oluwatoyinbo

Director, College Consultancy