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Com. Mufutau Monsuru Olayinka (a.k.a CORRECT)
President, Student Union Government or
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All glory and adoration belongs to Almighty God, the most beneficent, the most merciful for His support over the union from the inception of this administration up to this moment and so shall it be till the end INSHA ALLAH (Amin).

On behalf of the Executives council of the Students’ union of this greatcollege (Federal College of Agriculture, Moor plantation Ibadan),I welcome both fresh and stale studentsto the 2015|2016 academic session. I appreciate you all for the faith, trust and confidence reposed in me when the mantle of leadership of this great college fell on me. According to Booker T. Washington who said and I quote, “the strength of your conviction in life is key to your distinction”. I hereby encourage us to make the best of this golden opportunity as we prepare for the future ahead of us. Let us be convinced that we can be the best. We can only achieve this by harnessing our strength and will to Almighty God.

My dear highly esteemed fellow students we cannot afford to pamper ignorance with mediocrity it is popularly said that to whom much is given, much is expected. Let us not forget that we are here for a purpose. Let us guide our dream and aspiration jealousy by saying no to examination Malpractices, shunning Cultism, Gangstarism, Religious fanatism, vandalism, drug addiction, and other Social vice that can stagnante our dream and put our desire success in jeopardy. Let me quickly inform you that this institution is known for Academic excellence, do your best to update yourself regularly.

I will be an ingrate if I fail to acknowledge the effort and the benevolent gesture and unalloyed support of the amiable Provost of this great college, Engr. (Dr.) B.A. Adelekan, the college Registrar and the college Bursar, the Director of IAR&T, the provost, Federal college of Animal health & production Technology. I am indebted to all HOD’s, HOP’s, of Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, our ever indefatigable Dean of student affairs, Alumni of this great college, our vibrant Lecturers’ and Technologists’and all patrons and matrons,for their unprecedented support since the inception of our administration.

The last and not the least, my appreciation goes to my Cabinet members’ (central executive council, the student representative council and the student judiciary council), for their concerted effort, outstanding virtues, dedication to duties and unwavering support. May Almighty God continue to energize us to float the ship of this union to the coast of success, Amen.


The beginning of students unionism in Federal college of Agriculture and Animal health and production technology, Moor plantation, Ibadan was dated back in the year 1972 with S.O Adio being the first elected Student union President, but then the school comprises of both Colleges of Agriculture and Animal health and production technology, after the first administration, many Union President came into existence, some of them are;

S.O Adio from 1972 to 1973

A.G Lanipekun from 1973 to 1974

Fola Kolade from 1976 to 1977

Tunde Oguntoyinbo from 1983 to 1984

Fadipe Remi from 1998 to 1999

Adewumi Olukunle Micheal from 1999 to 2000 (Animal Health)

Adewola Adekunle from 2000 to 2001

Abel Moses from 2001 to 2002 (Animal Health)

Akintola Adeyemi Micheal from 2002 to 2003

Akintola Adeyemi Micheal from 2003 to 2004 who ruled for two sessions

Oyebode Rotimi Andre from 2004 to 2005 (Animal Health)

Ohurofadjeke Paul from 2005 to 2006

Omotola Olushola from 2006 to 2007 (Animal Health)

Obajimi Olalekan from 2007 to 2008

Ayedogbon Oluwaseun from 2008 to 2009 (Animal Health)

In 2009/2010 session, Moor plantation Student Union government was splitted into Federal college of Agriculture and Federal college of Animal Health and Production technology respectively. Federal college of Agriculture management appointed a caretaker committee Abayomi vics on which took over in 2010/2011 session.

In 2011/2012Comrd.Eniola Wale (Gabson) became the first elected president of Federal college of Agriculture, Ibadan. During his regime the unions acquire its first union bus (Aluta tractor).

In 2012/2013 handed over to Comrd. Adegbile Nathaniel (Vendor) with OlaibiOladele (D – fresher) as his vice president, amongst his dynamic deeds, building of an ultra-modern viewing centre (AbassWasiu viewing centre) whose name was inspired by an iconic student who passed away a day before his project defence.

Sen. Comrd. Ishola Adewale Abel (Ultimate) in 2013 became the S.U.G president elect and Adegeye Ademola as his vice president. During this administration, the union built her first student union building (Green House) which is located at the southern area of the school.

Comrd.AkinadeBoluwatifeAdewale (Arctive) took over from Ishola Abel to become the 4th Student union president of Federal college of Agriculture and during his regime, the union acquired a new bus named Aluta Rhino.

After Arctive regime, Comrd.Mufutau Monsuru Olayinka (Correct) became the number one student of Federal college of Agriculture after a controversial election which took more than a month before he could be announced as the new President. He remained the leader of the union till date with Sen. (Comrd.) Adegbola Samuel (Immaculate) being his vice president.


Architects usually conceived of a building and see it already finished in their minds’ eyes ever before such building is erected.

Likewise in every mortal, there is natural conceptual model within which is a need is met, a goal is achieved, a target is struck, a wife is married, a house is built, a car is purchased and so on.

Even to a woman, there are conceptual attributes, characters, outlooks or structures of what her dream man (husband) should meet or satisfy e.g. height, size, manner, complexion, rich, tall, light complexioned, popular, caring etc.

Within us also, there lies a conceptual pattern, design, outlook, structure, expectation, standard, level and position for the FEDERAL COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE of our dream.

The college of our dream is that institution:

i. Where the opinions of every stakeholder: management, staff, students’ leaders and others are valued.

ii. That gives priority to excellent academic performance, and rewards such, as it was many years back when students and lecturers had a single focus of setting standards for others to follow.

iii. That a living structure, very dynamic in development and processing the outlook of a real premier institution of higher learning, conducive learning environment, habitable hostel accommodation that helps to rest the brain for brilliant performance, a well-stocked library and sporting arena that is adequately equipped to keep the body and soul alive and functioning.

iv. Where the lecturers, in addition to being qualified and dedicated, are disciplined and morally upright and without mind of exploiting the students; sales of handouts, sexual harassment of the female students, intimidation of the male students and other illicit acts that can attract violent opposition to perceived oppression.

v. That is alive to the needs and yearnings of the staff and students in order to forestall situations that may degenerate to workers’ strike and students’ unrest as witnessed some years ago when some students’ representatives were docked for days in Police net.

vi. Where moral values are not negotiated for any morsel of bread, a College free of cultism, prostitution, rape, drug addiction/abuse and other social vices that are named with other tertiary institutions.

vii. Where democratic leadership is championed, promoted and entrenched at all levels of the system: management, class room, Association, departments etc. The value that won the college respectable slots and positions among tertiary institutions both at the state and National levels.

viii. That other institutions of higher learning with Agricultural and Related courses will always wish to partner based on her proven and time-tested researches and pool of experiences that will always attract the attentions of the government.

ix. That will always be proud of her achievements now and in the future.

x. That will instill “My College” spirit in the alumni which will always motivate and compel them to see needs for developmental contribution to their Alma mater and also willing to help younger graduates to the top as it is the case with most Higher Institutions of learning.

xi. That will not just be adding years but modern trend of social structural and development comparable to other institutions of higher learning.

The college of our dream is that very College that all of us will always be proud of and refer to as my “My College” anytime and anywhere. Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan is indeed the College of our Dream (AkintolaAdeyemi Michael, SUG President 2004).

God bless Student union government,

God bless Federal College of Agriculture,

God bless Oyo state,

God bless Nigeria.


Led by: Com. Mufutau Monsuru Olayinka (a.k.a CORRECT)

MofutauMonuruOlayinka (a.k.a Correct)

S.U.G. President 15\16.